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Integrated Display

4.3-inch LCD and IP67 waterproof rating is an excellent feature for an ebike, allows the rider to easily see and control the bike's functions without having to take their hands off the handlebars.


Swappable Battery​

High-performance battery that is perfect for ebikes. It is made from durable aluminum 6063 casing and features a swappable design that makes it easy to replace the battery when it is depleted.


Integrated Tail Lights

A valuable addition to bicycles, offering improved visibility, enhanced safety, convenient integration, weather resistance, multiple lighting functions, and automatic activation. These features make cycling safer, more enjoyable

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Anti Theft functionality

Preventing your amazing commute from stealing, it notifies on your smart phone and also sends alerts.
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Ride History

Get logs and trip details for all your previous travels on the app and even on the display.