NINE09 Products Are Available For Pre-Order!
NINE09 Products Are Available For Pre-Order!

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About Us

NINE09 is a progressive self-mobility vehicular brand known for crafting new age two wheelers for all ages and multiple purposes across the European countries, North America and India. We are thorough experts at engineering and creating eBikes, eScooters, Kids’ bike and eCargo bikes for hassle-free mobility, sustainability and a healthier lifestyle. Each and every product of ours is made keeping in mind great health and smart progression along with technological advancement. That's not it, each product is a class apart from the rest with a unique design and smooth flowing functionality backed by top notch performance.
The brand is powered by the industry veteran, Monarch innovation, holding an experience of over fifteen years.


To make people's lives better through innovative mobility products.


To empower people to rediscover the joy of movement, embrace sustainable living, and navigate their world with ease.

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