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Future Of eBike Riding: The Advanced Smart Dashboard 

Experience The Future Of eBike Riding: The Advanced Smart Dashboard

With the increase in following sustainability as a way of life, more and more eMobility solutions are coming into the sustainable commuting industry. Electric scooties have been the first to start traversing on the roads, then came electric cars. After this, the health factor also started coming into play, thanks to the pandemic and human illnesses that followed it. This led to the rise of the introduction of the eBike. The electric bike is the ideal, power-packed combo of a techno-savvy and fit life. It’s all due to the innovative features and functions it offers you for convenient, controlled and safe travel. Today we’ll look at the most advanced eBike featue, the advanced smart dashboard.

Here we go…

As we all know, the eBike is the modern and technologically advanced version of the traditional all pedal bicycles. Apart from the advancement of the electric cycle being powered by battery, that makes travelling quick and stress-free, newer versions of eBikes bring you a new, advanced smart dashboard that is highly-feature-rich and makes smart living even smarter.

Let’s talk of the futuristic traits of the eBike’s advanced smart dashboard!

Smart Display

The ideal new age eBike gets you the advanced smart dashboard on a high-quality HMI 4.3’ LCD TFT Touch Display. IT gets you all the features and functions of the eBike seamlessly just with a tap and some swipes. IT’s user-friendly and quick. A must-have for your electric cycle.

Turn-By-Turn Navigation

It’s not just the display and the dashboard that are smart. But the eBike itself too! You get turn-by-turn guided navigation on the smart dashboard too! So, if there’s any new place you want to go to or have lost your way, this dashboard feature will help you reach safe and in time.

Call Control

Can’t attend or even know who’s calling while you ride! The smart dashboard is there for you! Now all you need to do is connect your phone, and you can pick up, reject or even silence calls as you like to on-the-go! It can be helpful in times of emergency too!

Theft Protection

The smart dashboard stays alert, even when you aren’t! Just keep your phone linked! The dashboard will send you alerts and notifications in case of theft. Theft protection is a great functionality, especially if you are in a crowded or a crime-prone area and the electric bike is kept unattended for long hours.

Ride History

Wanna know all about what you’ve experienced with the eBike? The dashboard gives you detailed insights about your rides, how long you travelled, where all and even the different trip insights. It’s like an entire activity log of your travels. Great to relive memories and even keep track on a fitness level.

Multi-user Access

It’s not just you who can ride the electric bike! With the smart dashboard’s assistance, you can set up different profiles for different users and even the ride insights and information will be saved differently for each user and not as a whole! You can keep a check on their travel & usage.

OTA Updates

The possibilities of going OTA are limitless! Yes, the smart dashboard of the eBike supports OTA updates and functions seamlessly. OTA is the full form of over-the-air. You just need internet connectivity or linking to enable the OTA features. You can connect to your phone and unleash the world of OTA.

Remote System Lock/Unlock

Want to indulge in your riding without any disturbances and notification interruptions? The smart dashboard also has a feature where you can lock or unlock the entire remote system. Don’t worry, no data will be lost or there won’t be any malfunctioning!

Ride Modes

Switching gears is a thing of the past to change the style of your ride. You can now put your electric bike into different modes such as-eco,drive,sports or walk; right from the advanced smart dashboard

In love with these dashboard features?

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