NINE09 Products Are Available For Pre-Order!
NINE09 Products Are Available For Pre-Order!
magicLane and nine09

Pedal into the Future with Magic Lane & Ebike

Elevate Your Rides: NINE09 & Magic Lane Pave the Way to Seamless Exploration

Forget frustration, discover freedom! ebike and Magic Lane have joined forces to revolutionize your cycling experience, offering unparalleled navigation and effortless exploration. Buckle up and explore the possibilities:

Effortless Guidance: Ditch the map fumbling and confusing directions. Magic Lane’s intuitive navigation seamlessly integrates with your ebike’s display, guiding you turn-by-turn with crystal-clear precision. Conquer any adventure, from bustling city streets to scenic hidden gems, with confidence and ease.

Maximize Every Mile: Forget range anxiety with ebike’s powerful electric assist. Whether you’re cruising leisurely or tackling challenging hills, the smooth motor empowers you to explore further and experience more.

Explore Like Never Before: Magic Lane goes beyond navigation. Discover curated routes tailored to your preferences, scenic detours, and hidden gems, transforming your journey into an unforgettable adventure.

Together, ebike and Magic Lane offer:

  • Effortless Navigation: Say goodbye to getting lost, embrace seamless guidance.
  • Unmatched Comfort: Experience powerful electric assist, conquer any terrain.
  • Unleash Exploration: Discover hidden gems, enjoy curated routes, maximize every ride.
  • Sustainable Adventure: Go green, explore further with eco-friendly ebike power.

Ready to pedal into the future of exploration? Visit your nearest ebike dealer or explore our website to find your perfect match and embrace the freedom of effortless navigation and endless possibilities.

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